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General information on Pepper Gas

- Pepper gas is sprayed to eye/face of attacking human or animal. It causes temporary sore in eyes, sneeze, cough, nasal flow and pain feeling,
- Attacker will be inactivated approximately about 30 and 60 minutes. At the end of the period, no permanent damage occurs,
- Pepper gas within vacuum container will retain its effect for long years. There is expiry date,
- In case of use within closed area, gas may be distributed to whole room within short time and it may affect everybody found in the area.
- Effective range is 5 meters,
- It is easily carried in bag or in pocket thanks to its dimension of 8,5cm,
- As tearing sprays requires no contact with attacker in case of threat, it is most commonly preferred defense equipment.
- During use, there should be at least one meter distance between operator and attacker. Spray will retain its effect up to 5 meters.
- It is no way illegal to carry and use this product for defense purposes.

Do not use for trial in closed area. Do not expose spray to high temperatures. Avoid spraying pepper gas against wind. Use of this product is solely under responsibility of user.

Environment Policy

To carry out our activities which comply with the environment directives of our country. To be in convenience with the directives, legal requirements and international aggreements. To prevent the environment pollution by evaluating the waste materials by recycling methods. To provide continuously trainning and instruction to our emplyoees and suppliers related to protecting the environment and urge them to apply these principles. To continue an environment management system which will be supported, adopted, supervised, applied and continuosly develepod by the top management and all of the employees and which will be observed continuously by the public. To take the necessary precautions for reducing the environmental harfmul effects in case of any accident and emergency situation during our activities.


Quality Policy
To concentrate all of our activities for our customers’ satisfaction. To develop the quality of products and services continuously for our customers, and to meet the demands of customers by this way. To manufacture the products which comply with the international directives and standards. To provide the continuous education and trainning for creating the team spirit for our personnel. To develop continuously our quality management system.

Against non-domesticated dogs
Against thief and snatching
Picnic, camp against Predatory Animals
Attacks while in desolate place
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